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How to buy?

Buying our products is easy. You just have to pick out the goods You want to order and send the order to us using the form below.
Into the order field please write the category of the product, it`s name and size (example: Baby`s quilts, Meelika1 75cm x 120cm).

Be sure to add Your name, street name, house number, index, city and country.
If you have ordered the correct product, we will send you the bill on your e-mail and when the money has been transfered, the product will be shipped within 2 working days. Shipping a blanket costs about 14€ and one to four pillowcases about 3€.
We will send a confirmation on your e-mail, that the product has been shipped.

All the prices include taxes.
You will be billed by OÜ Reta LG

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